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    It's a Black and White issue

    • Silentfilm
      My Canon camera shoots in a mode called whiteboard and I use it to take a good deal of portraits in the bathroom mirror. I like them because I wind up looking like a bigger cartoon character than I am in real life and it makes it very simple to illustrate myself into pieces I am working on.


    • Lips
      When I first moved to Los Angeles I lived in The Gershwin Hotel-- an experience that I will for the most part overlook. One of the great things about the place was the light in the hallways around 4:00 took on this heavy bright glow-- I borrowed Mister C's Canon Elph on a regular basis and shot a lot of portraits in the hallway. I am fascinated by old hollywood and I love the emotion in the still moments of a black and white film. Well that and I am pretty fond of being a drama queen.

    Just Drawn That Way

    • Royalteaseweb
      I'm not a photographer but I get paid to take pictures, I'm not an illustrator , but I get paid to do art... I'm not "talented" ...I'm just drawn that way.

    Zen & the Art of Tiara Maintenance

    • Claudia Strasser: The Paris Apartment

      Claudia Strasser: The Paris Apartment
      Decorator Porn , absolutely my style inside and out. I need to work on buying a apartment...note to self

    • Chuck Palahniuk: Survivor

      Chuck Palahniuk: Survivor
      The mausolem he desribes in this book was next to my elementary school growing up. The books starts off full throttle from the first page- I read it on a seattle to portland ride cover to cover

    • Eddie Little: Another Day in Paradise

      Eddie Little: Another Day in Paradise
      modern noir,blood, guts and sex. Voraciously. incredibly felt out- deeply moving, the inertia is a lot to bear

    • Jane Austen : Emma

      Jane Austen : Emma
      Perfect dry wit- You know back when people used word play instead of slang and obscenity (*****)

    • Edith Wharton : The House of Mirth

      Edith Wharton : The House of Mirth
      Hollow, Hurtful, and Lovely. (*****)

    • Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead

      Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead
      A constant reminder that maintaining vision and never compromising integrity is greater than rewards. Than and Howard Roark is my idea of the perfect man. (*****)

    • Barry Gifford: Wild At Heart

      Barry Gifford: Wild At Heart
      Barry Gifford is my greatest modern muse when it comes to character development and story telling. Some of the one liners and chapter endings hang over my head for days. It's not just snappy comebacks it entirely romantic.It'd the most realistic love story I've ever read (*****)

    iRule the iPod

    • Feist - 1234

      Feist: The Reminder

      Oh such sweetness..can't wait to have the dream number come together. this song reminds me of the person I adore... L.A. is so far away somedays (*****)

    • Mystikal - Bouncin Back

      Bouncin Back
      Mystikal: Tarantula

      " I know you miss them so it's time to uplift them, you gotta pick the pieces up and find a way to drive on. I'll tell ya the truth so ya gotta see, Get back Satan, don't bother me. And that's the way it's gotta be. I really hope you look down and are proud of me."

    • The Arcade Fire - Neighborhoods #1

      Neighborhoods #1
      The Arcade Fire: funeral

      There are so many loops of words in this song that take me back and take me forward. I remember what was, and I long for whats next.

    • Ryan Adams  - So Alive

      So Alive
      Ryan Adams : True Love

      This is a song about what it feels like no only to love someone but to realize you are in love with them. Love ain't always flowers and candy. It's about being there and having someones back...always.

    • The Rolling Stones - Backstreet Girl

      Backstreet Girl
      The Rolling Stones: Flowers

      Not a huge Stones fan ( love keith, don't dig on mick) but I love this song. Sort of a theme song for mistresses everywhere..

    • The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel

      Have Love Will Travel
      The Sonics: Here Are the Sonics!!!

      rock rock rock.....this song is one of my favorite walkin out the door songs...

    • Ryan Adams  - Desire

      Ryan Adams : True Love

      perfect love song...perfect gets inside what wanting someone is all about, the inertia and stillness that comes with really knowing how you feel.

    • Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man

      I'm Your Man
      Leonard Cohen: Dear Heather

      This weeks new number, my tribute to my straightlaced pervert self. Seen Secretary? If so, then you get it. If not, go rent it.

    • Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

      She Will Be Loved
      Maroon 5: Songs about Jane

      This song reminds me about everything awful and treasured about being a young crazy girl in some sort of love...stading on corners and crying, running out on the front porch in the rain, kissing in parking garages. You never love like you do at 15.

    • Tom Waits - Fumblin With the Blues

      Fumblin With the Blues
      Tom Waits: The Heart of Saturday Night

      I wanna squeeze you but I'm scared to death I'd break your back... favorite new bump and grind.

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